EIRAM Publishing and Productions has numerous divisions including distribution, EIRAM Gallery, EIRAM Publishing, EIRAM Video Productions, and EIRAM Audio Productions, Rights Management, and many others. The corporate headquarters houses our full-time employees and opportunity exists for territorial managers worldwide.


EIRAM Publishing seeks a diverse workforce whose work ethic, values, and vision match our core principals.


If you are an author, videographer, artist or educational professional seeking representation, please visit our submission guidelines pages to determine if EIRAM Publishing & Productions maybe a good fit for your needs.


If you are a job seeker interested in a position with EIRAM Publishing & Productions please visit our career opportunities list to determine if we have an opening that might fit your particular skill set.





EIRAM Publishing and Productions accepts unpaid internship applications in our editorial, author and artist representation, graphic design, marketing, and distribution departments.


Internship opportunities are available as full-time division staffing allows. If you are interested in completing an internship application, please contact our administrative offices at admin@eirampublishing.com to discuss the application process, potential openings, and program specifics. Please indicate the semester and business areas you are inquiring about in your contact.

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