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EIRAM Publishing holds the rights to copyrighted materials and represents holders of all copyrighted materials encompassed within this site and within the offered books, videos, and programs.  Any individuals seeking the rights or permission to use, reproduce, disseminate, or otherwise distribute materials on this site, related publications, materials, or other items covered by copyright must request permission for such authority in writing.


Federal law prohibits the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibit of the materials.  The materials contained within this publication are distributed for personal use.


Violations of copyright law will be prosecuted.


From the US Code Collection – Violation of Copyright is a Criminal Offense


Criminal Infringement—any person who infringes a copyright willfully either


(1)         For the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain or

(2)         By the reproduction or distribution, including by electronic means during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copyrighted works, shall be punished as provided under section 2319 of title 18, United States Code.


In General.—except as otherwise provided by this title, an infringer of copyright is liable for


(1)         The copyright owner’s actual damages and any additional profits of the Infringer

(2)         Statutory damages


Violations of copyright will be prosecuted as allowed under law.




Eiram Publishing does not provide such authorization verbally or by email request.


Please direct all rights related requests to rightsmanagement@eirampublishing.com


A permissions request may require research or multiple permissions depending on the nature of the request.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for a written response to your request.


Please include all applicable details necessary for a determination.


Title of the materials

Nature of the permission you are requesting

The ISBN number of the materials

The exact elements of the materials you wish to reprint, reproduce, disseminate, or use by other means

Geographical location where you wish to make use of the materials


If you have submitted a permissions request and are making a follow up inquiry, please contact rightsmanagement@eirampublishing.com




Before photocopying materials owned or represented by EIRAM Publishing and Productions for use in a classroom or other educational venue, please contact our offices at rightsmanagement@eirampublishing.com  The reproduction or copying of copyrighted materials is a crime, however EIRAM Publishing strives to work with all educators.




If you have questions relating to the permissions and rights management of EIRAM Publishing, please contact us at rightsmanagement@eirampublishing.com 


If you are aware of or believe you have encountered a violation of the copyrights of EIRAM Publishing or a subsidiary and wish to learn more about the copyright violation reporting REWARD please contact us at rightsmanagement@eirampublishing.com or admin@eirampublishing.com



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