EIRAM Publishing books, videos, and audio programs are available through our website and in online or brick and mortar bookstores throughout the country.


Eiram Publishing offers a wide array of educational, entertainment and enrichment products suitable for all ages and interests.  Many products are designed specifically for use in a home education or community event environment.


Our community event workshops and interactives are created by parents, educators, and community partners like police, fire, and medical personal using research based educational processes to assist your young reader or viewer in gaining the highest benefits from the program.



EIRAM Publishing is committed to helping ensure that the finest outreach products are available to the public.  We offer special FREE BOOK EVENTS, Wholesale Pricing, and Free Shipping to our community partners nationwide to ensure that more materials than ever before end up in the hands of those who need them the most.


Eiram Publishing partners with police, fire, educational, and medical personnel nationwide to provide event planning, instruction and interactive materials that help reach the most impressionable and essential segment of our communities – our youth. 

We have a variety of interactive planning programs and workbook or video based informational delivery sets designed to ensure retention of the core messages by the young attendees.  EIRAM Publishing youth enrichment materials help the young people in your community become active participants in their own health, safety and well-being.


EIRAM Publishing is committed to making easy to implement, high-impact programs available to our community outreach partners nationwide.  We provide our distributor discount to 501C3 organizations and community outreach event coordinators nationwide.  The Community Partner Program does not have a case quantity minimum order requirement.  Community Outreach orders are priced at 45% off retail list price.  Please complete a purchase order on Organization letterhead and submit the request to  A representative will generate a special order invoice including your community partner discount.


Please review the information materials contained on the youth enrichment and K12 program pages and then contact to request the community event planning course or interactive materials that best suit your community goals.




EIRAM Publishing offers a FREE SHIPPING program for Community Partner orders.  We will pay the shipping on any order placed by a Community Partner regardless of distance or the size of the order.  Please note on your order form that you are a Community Partner to receive the free shipping offer.




EIRAM Publishing’s FREE WORKSHOP PROGRAM for 2014 is now over; however we are accepting requests for shipment in 2015.


EIRAM Publishing is committed to helping ensure that the finest and most effective workshop planning tools and interactive materials are available to the public.  Our commitment for 2015 is to provide 500 free workshops to Community Outreach Programs nationwide.  Community Outreach programs who are a registered 501C3 or public service are eligible to receive 1 free workshop including the planning guide, DVD, and up to 25 free children’s workbooks with no minimum order requirement.  All Free Workshop requests must be accompanied by proof that the requestor is a Community Library.  Please remit your requests to  Requests will be fulfilled as long as supplies last.


FREE Workshops available for 2015 include:


Street Safety Workshop for Any Age and Supplemental DVD Program & Workbooks for Pre-K—Grade 3


First Aid for Kids Workshop for Any Age and Supplemental DVD Program & Workbooks for Pre-K—Grade 3


Great Grub Nutrition Workshop for Any Age and Supplemental DVD Program & Workbooks for Pre-K—Grade 3


Fire Safety Program Workshop for Any Age and Supplemental DVD Program & Workbooks for Pre-K—Grade 3


Say No Way Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshop for Any Age and Supplemental DVD Program & Workbooks for Pre-K—Grade 3




Special Order and 1st Time Wholesale Partner orders are not eligible for return.  All approved distributors are subject to the wholesale partner return policy outlined within the Wholesale Partner pages.  Please contact with any questions regarding payment, shipping, or return of your order.  Individual orders are subject to the Individual Order & Return Policy.




We strive to ensure that we have sufficient stock to meet the needs of every order but, from time to time, our supply of a given book, video, or audio program runs low.  We strive to restock materials as quickly as possible.  If you wish to pre-order a presently out of stock book, video, or audio program we will ship the materials to you immediately upon restocking.  We will ship pre-orders of out-of-stock materials free of charge as a courtesy.  If an out-of-stock item does not come back in stock within 30 days of the date you placed your order, we will notify you of the delay.



We do not produce printed catalogs for distribution to individual purchasers.  Please visit the pages of our website to view the titles currently available for direct purchase and watch for EIRAM Publishing & Productions products wherever your favorite book, video, and audio programs are sold.

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