EIRAM Publishing and Productions is devoted to the improvement of the adult self-help, career education, how to, personal enrichment, financial materials, and children's learning product lines.

Eiram publishing and productions is currently accepting open submissions. All submissions must meet our goals and desires for excellence in the material efforts.


EIRAM Publishing and Productions is committed to helping both adult and child learners obtain an entertaining educational foundation. We strive to provide a diverse range of quality content books, audio programs, videos, and e-books.


Finance professionals and early learning educators write most of our products. We are eager to be the medium these educators seek to share their knowledge. Submittals from individuals currently within the adult or K12 educational arena will be given priority screening and all other materials will be reviewed on a first come basis. A member of our staff will review all proposals. We receive hundreds of submittals a month so you should expect a reply to your proposal within four to ten weeks depending on the volume of works received in a given time frame.


EIRAM Publishing is no longer accepting submittals via mail. All potential authors, audio program creators, or video creators must remit their proposals via email to submittal@eirampublishing,com


Please do not mail any packages. EIRAM Publishing will reject all packages requiring a signature and discard any mail proposals received.




We welcome submissions from all educators and individuals and are looking for current, helpful, and inspiring ideas that show respect for all learners. Acceptance of proposals is based on originality of ideas, usefulness to educators working in mainstream settings, market need and fit with the directions and goals of EIRAM Publishing and Productions.


Authors must submit a full resume with their submittal.


All book submittals should be formatted in PDF format and should be limited to a general outline and 2 sample chapters.


Video and Audio projects should be no longer than 1 minute in duration.


A cover letter that outlines the goals and content of the submission to be considered is appreciated by our review staff.


All proposals will be judged on the content and need for such products as well as the projects ability to fit within our strict product guidelines.




If you are an artist seeking representation through EIRAM Galleries, please contact our art department at to determine if an assessor is available in your area.

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