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Eiram Publishing & Productions is a Pennsylvania based publishing and production company devoted to providing a broad range of products including adult & children’s educational textbooks, youth & personal enrichment programs.  Our focus is on ensuring high-quality, cost-effective materials for every facet of the market.


We publish only those books and productions we believe in, only those materials that provide enrichment for our viewers & reader and only those product lines that have both words and art of the highest quality. The Employees and Staff of Eiram Publishing carry pride and devotion to the highest level to create the most effective products possible.


At Eiram Publishing and Productions our primary focus is to raise the standards of adult education, life improvement, and children’s learning products to the highest levels possible and to aid our readers in obtaining the strong foundation necessary to reach excellence in their endeavors.


Eiram Publishing & Productions was founded in 2002 with the release a full line of corporate, seminar, and college level textbook products.  Over the years, the focus has expanded to include an array of adult and youth educational, entertainment, and enrichment materials unsurpassed in content, format, and delivery.


Eiram Publishing & Productions is proud to announce the opening of our 3rd Eiram Gallery.  Limited Edition Giclee Art and select Hand Crafted Original Art are available through our internet stores and through certain select internet partners.  You are always welcome to view our artistic offerings in person at one of our Gallery events or expos.



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